How to create your own PowerPoint Templates

If you were looking for how to create powerpoint Templates, it could be because you want to give your own style and put the whole creative it’s in your heart to make an awesome presentation.

So, in this post we are going to help you to build your template presentation step by step. This will you give an advantage over the others when impress an audience it’s about.

Before to explain you, let’s start with the beginning.

ยฟWhat are PowerPoint Templates?

PowerPoint Templates are a pre-built formats to speed up the presentation’s creation, this has a combination of design with colors and fonts in different slides.

All presentations has an specific purpose, such as business plan, sales products or to show a topic for one class.

A PowerPoint Templates has a lot of advantages, we have 3 of them for you.

  • Allows to save time, with a powerpoint template aleady create, you will only have to think about the content.
  • The presentation would look creative and professional.
  • Information will be readability and helps to generate remembrance in the audience

Taking into account the advantages mentioned before, we already have Free PowerPoint Templates to Download here. These will save you a lot of time.

But don’t worry, even so, we are going to teach how to create your own PowerPoint Templates. Let’s stop talking and start right now.

This is the PowerPoint Template I’m going to teache you how to create it

Desing powerpoint templates how to make

In order to create this Template you will have to download just one image, I leave it to you for free in the button below, its just an illustration of mobile phone.

1. Let’s open “Slide master” in PowerPoint

In this section we will be able to custom our slides, if we want that our template contains the same background. title, image, text in all slides we can do it from here.

powerpoint templates how to make 1

2. Remove default placeholder

Once we are in Slide master, you will have to delete placeholder in order to make your own placeholder, so by the moment we are going to have white slides.

powerpoint templates how to make 2

3. Set the fonts for your PowerPoint Templates

In slides master, let’s go to fonts and select the one we like the most, in this case we are going to use Arial Black (System font) for titles and calibri (System font) for body.

3.1. Go to “fonts” and then “Customize fonts” as the image bellow

powerpoint templates how to make 3

3.2. Now in heading font, put Arial Black and in Body Font put Calibri

powerpoint templates how to make 4

Put a name to this, we decide to call “My PowerPoint Template“, then go to “Save” Button.

4. Creating a cover PowerPoint Templates

cver powerpoin templates how to create

Now, stand on the second slide, then go to “Insert Placeholder”, then “Picture”, here a cross will appear, with this draw in the middle of slide the placeholder, just like the image below.

powerpoint templates how to create 5

Now, we have to make the placeholder an hexagon, for make it real, select the placeholder you draw, go to “Format“, then go to “Edit Shape“, then “Change Shape” and finally select the Hexagon form:

powerpoin templates how to create 5

So now we have an Hexagon to add the image we want, now we need to add another hexagon to give design to this cover and this is pretty easier: Go to “Insert” now go to “Shapes” and select Hexagon.

Add this shape in the middle of the slide as big as the previous one, go to the arrow that appears above the hexagon, then turn 45ยฐ to the right or left.

powerpoint templates how to create 6

4.1. Change Hexagone color

Go Home > “Shape Fill”, select “Not Fill” and now go to “Shape Outline” and select a yellow color or the you like the most, Finally go “Shape Outline” > “Weight” and select “6pt

Yeh! We made it, we already have our cover PowerPoint Templates. Now let’s create the other slides, will be easier ๐Ÿ˜€

5. Creating Slides for PowerPoint Templates

I’m going to explain you how to create the first slides, according to that, you’re going to create the rest ones because it’s the same, you will only have to replicate according to the design.

5.1. This is the Fisrt Slide you will have to create

slide 1powerpoint templates how to create

Stand again in “Slide Master” and go to the third slide. Right there you are going to make six placeholder to insert pictures.

You will draw that placeholder as a rectangle and you’ll organize as the previous image.

powerpoint templates how to create 8

In case you are asking how I create the second, and third and next rectangle without going to “Insert Placeholder” again. I just use “Ctrl C + Ctrl V”. Nothing special, it’s not magic :(.

To add Title and text in this slide, click on the title’s box and insert a placeholder for text. Then arrange them so that they don’t remain above the images.

slide 1powerpoint templates how to create 3

You’ve got it, the second slide already create.

5.2. Let’s Create the second slide for the PowerPoint Templates

slide 2 powerpoint templates how to create

As you can see the previous pic, it’s exactly the same. But in this case, we are going to add just three placeholder for pics (one in rectangle and the other two as a square). One title, two placeholder for text and one rectangle with color.

While you are putting the placeholder, i’m going to show you the next part.

5.2.1. How to put the rectangle with color.

Go “Insert” > “Shaspes” select Rectangle and draw between the two placeholder pics that you have already made.

Change rectangle color going to Home > “Shape Fill” and select the color you like the most. For this template we select a custom color.

Now Insert Title and placeholder text, you will have to change to white color the text that goes over the rectangle, going to “Home”, selecting the text and choosing white in the font color option.

slide 2 powerpoint templates how to create 10

Well done, you’ve got it! Now let’s do together the third slide and you will continue with the rest ones.

5.3 Creating third slide For the PowerPoint Templates

Do you remember at the beginning of this explanation, when I told you that you will have to download one pic? Well, now it’s time to used it.

I let you again the download button in case you haven’t download it yet.

5.3.1. Add the Phone Pic

After download the previous Pic, let’s stand on the fourth slide, (Remember that we haven’t go out on “slide master”). Go to“Insert” > “Picture” and locate the downloaded image on your computer, click on it an “Insert”.

slide 3 powerpoint templates how to create 2

When the picture is on the slide, rotate it 45ยฐ to the right,
and from the ends, make it smaller and move to the center.

slide 3 powerpoint templates how to create 3

With the phone in the middle, you will only have to add three placeholder for pics as we saw it before. 2 behind the phone and the other one in the phone’s screen.

After that, press Ctrl+ X to the phone pic… But why if I just put it on there? because if you let it on the “Slide Master” you will not be able to edit it later, anyway you will paste later. Let’s see!

slide 3 powerpoint templates how to create 4

5.3.2. Add Title and Placeholder Text

Put the title and placeholder for text and then Click on “Close Master View”

slide 3 powerpoint templates how to create 5

When you close the “Master View” you will be on the PowerPoint Home Page, start to adding the slides you already made, stand on the LAST ONE and press Ctrl + V

You will have something like this

slide 3 powerpoint templates how to create 5

You’ve got it again, you’ve got the third slide! When you’ll be ready to fill slides, you will only have to reorganize the pics and the phone.

Sending to the back the images on the sides an the image center to the front.

It’s your turn, finishes to making the other 7 slides according to what we just learn. All are made equal, and I will not finish here because it would be an eternal tutorial.


Now you have a Professional PowerPoint Template! Compare it with the one I have designed by downloading the template in the following button.

After downloading you will see a simple PowerPoint Template, but it’s because you haven’t add your content yet. So it’s time to let your creative fly.

We let you here our proposal with images, that were found in pixabay.


Now I want to thank you for reading this tutorial, I hope you like it. Remember that we have here a lot Free PowerPoint Templates for free to Download and save you time.

If you want to send us your result, we love to see it. Don’t forget to say thanks with a share.

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