Best Free PowerPoint Templates 2022

Best free powerpoint templates 2022 – PPThemes

Best Free PowerPoint Templates 2022
Best Free PowerPoint Templates 2022

Best Free Powerpoint Templates 2022 – PPThemes

2022 its about to end & I’m most than ready to receive the 2023 with new great templates for you.

We are around 50,000 people downloading templates a month from PPThemes, you can’t even imagine how happy makes me that number, and of course I want that number continue growing up, I want millions of people know my site and start to impacting people with incredible presentations with PPThemes, I know that soon we will achieve it.

Meanwhile, let’s take a look at the current most downloaded and Best Free PowerPoint Templates of 2022 in our page PPThemes 🤩

1. Netflix PowerPoint Template

Netflix powerPoint Template
Netflix powerPoint Template

Netflix Powerpoint Template has been insane, I uploaded it during about October and it has been downloaded over 20k times so far, I guess there’s a lot of people whooo loves Netflix Design.

2. Free Pestel Powerpoint Template

preview pestel free powerpoint infographics by PPThemes
preview pestel free powerpoint infographics by PPThemes

Pestel PowerPoint Template can be use to add the PESTLE analysis (Political, economic, sociocultural, technological, environment and legal facts.) to your presentation, with easy-to-read and very dynamic infographics

3. Digital Marketing Slides infographics

free Digital marketing PowerPoint Template
Free Digital marketing PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint Template allows you to create your Digital Marketing Presentation  to talk about your marketing or advertising strategy on social media, own & paid media and so on.

Its has slides infographics to easily share your information.

4. Creative Agriculture PowerPoint Template

Free Agriculture PowerPoint template
Preview Free Agriculture PowerPoint template

This Free Agriculture PowerPoint Template has a creative design with farming design to create your presentation, it has green color but you can easily edit for the one that you prefer.

5. Multipurpose Infographics

Multipurpose Infographics | PowerPoint Templates for presentation

These PowerPoint Infographics will serve you to create any presentation, with a visual representation of the information you want to add. don’t forget that the less the better talking about text.

6. Infographics ideas In PowerPoint

Infographic ideas in powerpoint for pesentation by ppthemes
Infographic ideas in powerpoint for pesentation by ppthemesw

We continue with the PowerPoint Infographics that can never be missing in a presentation, you can combine sliders with these infographics and others with photographs to make them more striking.

7. PowerPoint Templates for fast Food

powerpoint templates fast food

This Fast Food Powerpoint Template can be used to add the point branch offices, the steps you use to prepair a plate of food, the menu, some information about you, and more.

You could use this template for a commercial presentation or for show in the tv that normally store has.

8. Back to School PowerPoint Template

back to school powerpoint template free download by ppthemes
back to school powerpoint template free download by ppthemes

This year is about to end and also we are also going to back to school soon, and yep, this was of the most download PowerPoint Templates this year, The Back to School PowerPoint Template.

Can be used for teacher, students or everybody, it has A wide variety of colleges and universities slides design.

That was the Best Free PowerPoint Templates of this 2022, now I wish you a happy new year 2023

That was the 8 Most Downloaded PowerPoint templates, now I just want to wish you a happy new year, hope all your dreams come true

Don’t forget to Find more PowerPoint Templates for Free Download by clicking at the blue text to complement your presentation, or you can also download another

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Written by Jolie Serrano

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