How to make a good Presentation in PowerPoint.

how to make a good presentation in powerpoint

A Presentation with PowerPoint can be as succesfull and memorable as you want.

Try just to show what your partner, or customer really want to hear, how you will solve its need. And why not? say it with a story.

Believe me or not, i’ve meet some people who thinks that the more you talk about you, the more the person it’s going to be interested in your product or service… And they make lengthy presentations!

Just imagine a girl or boy who wants to be by your side and she/he just talks about themselves. It has already happened to me and I get bored immediately, Nobody likes that person who shows no intesest in others.

It is exactly the same in a presentation, you are trying to conquist your audience.

I have not idea if that “strategy of talking about themselves” has worked for somebody before. But I do know that we live in a world full of caresWe want things now, and we want to be heard.

What am I talking?

I’m talking about being clear, think about the other to say what he wants to hear.

Do we really think that any person is going to read or pay attention to 40 or more slides about our company?

If that’s what they want to hear about us, maybe they’re going to look for that information in our web page Which surely did before the presentation.

So, what Customers or Partner really wants to know about you… Is how your product, service or company it’s going to solve it’s need, they want to understand it easy and know it in the shortest time possible.

According to that, here’s the first tip to make a good presentation with PowerPoint:

1. Apply the rule 10/20/30

This rule was create by Guy Kawasaki. He says that a good presentation, it is made in 10 slides, it is exposed in 20 minutes and has a font size of no less than 30 point.

This features should reach your customer or partner objectives, remember to talk in the 10 slides about what they want to hear. The solution, not about you.

Here is the second advice for make a good presentation.

2. Know your Customer or partner

Clearly to know what your customer or partner want to hear in your presentation, you will have to do an investigation about them before going to your meeting.

Find out the profile of your audience: what do they think?which are they motivates? They expectations? What kind of offers are they exposed to?What kind of problems do they face?

The more you know about them, the more you will give value to them, because you will focus your presentation.

Create that empathy. This brings us to the third tip.

3.Use the art of Storytelling

To create empathy, you need to create an emotional connection, this will be easier if you count an story.

After knowing your audience and having the content of your presentation, its time to narrate that information, to grab your audience’s attention and keep them engaged.

Instead of saying what do you do, tell why do you do. People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

Sinek say

We always count an story to our friends, it’s time to bring that to our business, it’s no as difficult as it seems.

A story always have a character, a problem and a solution.

The character it’s your target, the problem it’s something that can be solve with your product or service and the solution it’s the outcome of your story.

This Bring us to the fourth tip.

4. Organize your presentation.

If you already have your story, now organize in your PowerPoint.

The presentation must have a structure: A beginning, a development and the end. This will give sense to what your saying, and determines the time that will last.

It will be easier for your audience to understand when your PowerPoint Presentation has an order.

Guess what? after organize you need another thing more, a visual presentation, so….

5. Use a PowerPoint Template with an Awesome design

In addition to the information told in a story, organized and short, you need a very visual presentation.

Mercado 2.0 Says that: “93% of the message is transmitted visually”, So, trust in image, forget about bullets, now you need to combine colors, fonts and pics to show your message and be memorable.

Use our Free PowerPoint Templates to create your presentation, all our PowerPoint Templates has a lot of incredible design to grab your audience’s attention.

If you gather the 5 point previously mentioned, there just one thing missing… and that is you. That’s the last advice on this article.

6. Empower yourself with all you knowledge

Be sure about all of your knowledge, stand in front of everybody and let them know what are you made of.

Review as many times as necessary is, this reduces nerves, trust in yourself and show that you are an expert that knows how to resolve your audience’s needs.

Infect people with your good attitude (not with Covid-19, please stay at home) and you will have an excellent presentation with no doubt.

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