Roadmap & Steps PowerPoint Infographic with morph transition

roadmap and steps powerpoint infographic

Roadmap & Steps PowerPoint Infographic with morph transition by PPThemes

If you have 2019 Microsoft PowerPoint, maybe you have already seen the Morph Transition, and maybe you have already realized that it’s just amazing, if you haven’t, I recommend you to check it out, but, if you don’t have that Microsoft version, you can also try it on Powerpoint online.

So, taking into account what I mentioned, this infographic has that morph transition, so you can try it and add it in your next presentation.

You can also try this Interactive Education Powerpoint template, which also have the morph transition

This PPThemes ‘Roadmap & Steps PowerPoint Infographic with morph transition’ Features:

In the following video, I show you how I designed this infographic and how it looks

Hope I’ve helped you saving time in design your PowerPoint Presentation.

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Written by Jolie Serrano

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