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Graphic Design Trends 2022 and PowerPoint Templates

Don’t miss out these 6 graphic design trends 2022 to let your imagination be and get the best ideas to your presentations, posts and all.

Graphic Design Trends 2022 and PowerPoint Templates
Graphic Design Trends 2022 and PowerPoint Templates

Graphic Design Trends 2022 and PowerPoint Templates by PPThemes

2022 its just about to arrive and designers are always prepare to surprise us with creative designs that can get the attention’s public. Of course this new year is not gonna be the exception.

So here I show some Graphic Design Trends that people are talking about in internet, that I’ve compiled and you could use them in your next presentations with our PowerPoint Templates.

So at the end of this articule, you’re gonna find a PowerPoint Template about these design trends.

All of the templates I create from now gonna have these designs trends, because I always love to create presentations with the last trend.

And well, it’s time to take notes to communicate in a more visual way and dazzle with incredible ideas in your presentations with these design trends.

1. Diversity and inclusion design

life shows us that there is a gigantic diversity of people in the world and happily, today more than ever there is a lot of support for them, and of course brands can not be behind and has to create design that can make the people feel close and identified.

How can you make a design in which you show this trend? Is not hard, you will only have to use illustrations, vectors, logos, icons, posters and other graphic design elements that shows social groups and include references to diversity.

Diversity Inclusion Post Proyectos _ Fotos, vídeos, logotipos, ilustraciones y marcas en Behance
Diversity Inclusion from Behance by Joylarara (Joy Canto)

2. Bright, candy and eye-catching colors

There’s a lot of sadness around all things that covid-19 let us and we want to let it behind, we know that it wont be easy, but the communication can help a little, and it has to be as positive as we can make it and that can be possible thanks to the colors, that’s why this gonna be an important trend for this 2022.

The eye-catching, bold and bright colors also helps to grab the viewer’s attention and candy colors are a good option, designers would know how to use them thanks to their experience and knowledge about theory color.

Social media post with eye-catching and bright colors on behance
Social media post with eye-catching and bright colors on behance by Hady Samir

4. 90’s are back

Retro has returned to design for this new year, neon colors, vintage design, gothic serifs and vaporwave landscapes

Retro design 2022 tredn in behace
Retro design 2022 tredn in behace by Rulo

4. Movement and big typography

It is said that a new way to make people stay watching your design is thanks to the animation and motion, “the fundamentals of movement, rhythm, and timing will become as critical as layout, typography, and form.” says Ryan Taylor in shutterstock.

Typography has always been a very important part of a design, and this 2022 is mentioned about large fonts that can capture the attention of the audience.

You will also find some pages that mention serif and cut fonts, in which you leave cut words , either with blank spaces or with elements of the design itself such as images, illustrations, other words, blank spaces, 3D objects or whatever comes to mind. says Daniel Edho in codewebbarcelona

typography 2022 design trend
typography 2022 design trend

5. 3d Design

This is a trend that has been in the last years and for 2022 3D Design, will still be but even stronger, because will have a combination, with 2d, great colors, typography and more

3d design on behance
3d design on behance by Mathieu L.B

4. Data visualization

Sharing complex data is now easy with the design, since it can be more dynamic so that it is easy for people to understand.

The data can be accompanied by icons, infographics, vectors, images and more to give a unique touch to your designs, besides, the use of this elements are also in trend.

Data visualization design trend 2022
Data visualization design trend 2022 By Jolie Serrano at PPThemes

It should be noted that there will be other trends such as gradients and transparencies, memes, icons and colorful illustrations among others.

  • Download Monserrat and install Lato font  and before editing this template, in order to see it as you find it here. Otherwise the font will change and your template would look different. 
  • Download four free 12 slides
  • Edit this PowerPoint Template as you want, select and change colors, image, size and text.
  • The preview images were download form Pixabay and in this time we have no include the pics but you can download it from the page I mentioned.

Fonts Used:

These PowerPoint Templates makes you easy the creation of your presentation

Graphic Design Trends 2022 and PowerPoint Templates
Graphic Design Trends 2022 and PowerPoint Templates

Hope I’ve helped you saving time in design your PowerPoint Presentation.

You will grab your auddience attention with these creative PowerPoint Templates.

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